When visiting the Isle of Spice, you should make every effort to visit our wonderful Waterfalls. All our waterfalls are easily access able, with a short hike taking you to the foot of the falls.
Grenada waterfallsThere are several to choose from, and all are access able if you are willing to take a short stroll to where they are located.

Depending upon your fitness level, you can choose between a gentle stroll through a well tended garden to get to Annadale falls, if you are feeling very energetic, a 20 minute hike through the rain forest to get to the seven sisters.

On some of the trails to the waterfalls, we recommend that you take a hiking guide.

The reason that we recommend this, is because, depending upon which falls is your final destination, some of the trails are not properly marked and a short stroll through the rain forest can easily turn into a long hike.

Guides can be hired at the Grand Etang forest reserve, and most tour companies offer guided trips to all of the waterfalls.

Annadale Falls
This is the easiest waterfall to get to, with a well tended path which is lined with local fruit trees and flowering plants. It is also one of the smaller of all the waterfalls, and is a favourite stop off point of interest for bus tours.
Concord Falls
concord waterfallIf you like to hike, then this is a treat. The Concord waterfalls is not one, but three waterfalls.
It is situated on the edge of the forest reserve on the western side of the island, and therefore the water is crystal clear and ice cold.

Of the three waterfalls in this area, the first one is the most readily access able, with a paved road leading almost directly up to it. There is nothing like a taking a bracing dip in a cool mountain stream, so we do suggest that you walk with the necessary clothing.

The second of the three falls is bigger and taller, and is reached only after a 45 minute hike.
The trail goes through a nutmeg plantation and is readily marked, so a guide is not absolutely necessary. However, if you would like a guided tour with someone who can show you the different types of cultivated plants and their uses, then a guide is a must.

The third falls is a little off the beaten track, but the trail is easily recognisable. If you are planning on visiting all three of the falls, then we suggest that you plan on spending a morning and pack a light lunch and some refreshments.
(Don't forget that camera or they might not believe your descriptions back home.)

Marquis Falls / Mt. Carmel
Mount Carmel PictureSituated two miles south of Grenville, it is our largest and highest waterfall.
It can be reached quite easily, with a gentle 30 minute hike through a private plantation, where some of the local spices and fruits are grown.
It is difficult to get lost, as the sound of the falls will lead you directly there.
Seven Sister Falls
If you are a hiking enthusiast, and are considering a hike through the rain forest, then you should make the Seven Sisters Falls one of your destinations.
This is not a very difficult hike, and it will take you through a private plantation where you will get the chance to see cocoa, nutmeg and banana trees and how they are grown. The hike to the falls only takes about 45 minutes, and you will pass through part of the rain forest to get there. If it has rained recently, the trail can get a little muddy, so it is advisable to wear something you are not particularly fond of. Of course, when the trail is muddy, it is also a lot more fun. Don't worry though, because when you finally get to the falls, you will be able to wash some of the trail off of your shoes.
Once there, you can swim or relax by the water. The pools at the foot of the falls are quite big, and the swimming is very refreshing as the water is cool. Of course, don't forget the hike back to civilization.
I have done this particular hike a number of times, and have enjoyed every one of them.
Several individuals and tour companies offer this tour, but the two i can personally
recommend are; Sunsation Tours and Mandoo.
Sunsation Tours has some excellent guides, and they will pick you up and return you to your hotel safely. The cost for this hike is $25 US$/ person.
Mandoo, who is also an excellent taxi and tour guide, is a great choice if you are considering a private hike.
If you visit our island and do this hike, let us know what you thought of it, we would appreciate the feedback.
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