Need a car rental in Grenada?
or would you like to have some fun, and experience some adventure with our mountain bikes?

grenada car rentals If you are visiting Grenada and you wish to go on your own, we have a vehicle for you. A&E Rentals will provide you with a vehicle of your choice. You have a range of cars and jeeps to choose from. Automatic or manual, soft-top or hardtop, 4-door or 2-door jeeps and cars. Our vehicles are in perfect working condition.

Your requirements for rental of a vehicle while in Grenada are as follows:

Our rates are as follows:

Note: A down payment for insurance purpose is required. This down payment is refundable upon safe return of the rented vehicle.
All major credit cards or travellers cheques are accepted.

We require early notice for the rental of vehicles.

Your can also choose to rent one of our bikes
and explore the island at your own pace!


US$15.00 per day + tax (US$90.00 per week)