Grenada Island Tours & Grenada Rainforest Hiking

Grenada Full Day Island Tours

Please have a look at our tours and decide which one is the right one for you. These are just a few samples, if you would like to put together tour, we would be more than happy to do it for you.

Tour 3 - Full Day Tour

Concord Falls - Dougladston Spice Estate - Belvedere - Grand Etang - Fort Frederick - Grand Anse Beach

For those who wish to get a comprehensive view of Grenada, this is the tour for you.
You leave St. Georges and travel along the western sea coast, turning inland to Concord Falls. Stop at Dougladston Spice Estate - the remains of one of the largest spice plantations on the island. Journey through Belvedere - a breathtaking experience.
Visit the crater lake at Grand Etang, in the rain forest. Walk around the beautiful grounds at the welcome centre. Spend some time taking photos at Fort Frederick - a breathtaking view of the town of St.George and the surroundings.
Proceed along the Morne Jaloux ridge and via Clarks Court Rum Distillery, through the hotel belt, then onto Grand Anse Beach.
Relax, get a suntan and cool off before returning to the ship.

Length of tour: 7 hours (Suitable for cruise ship visitors)

Tour 4 - Full Day Tour

Concord Falls - Dougladston Spice Estate - Nutmeg Processing Station - Lepers Hill - River Antoine Rum Distillery - Grenville Town - Grand Etang

See much of the Spice Isle. Visit many sites.
Leave St. George and travel along the west coast to Concord Falls in the St. John's parish.
Visit Dougladston Spice Estate and the Nutmeg Processing Station. After passing through St.Marks', the smallest parish, you arrive at the famous 'Le Morne de Sauteurs' on Lepers Hill, where, in 1651, the Caribs, rather than surrender to the French, lept to their deaths.
A tour and sample of the 'Rivers Rum' awaits you at the RIver Antoine Rum Distillery.
A drive through Pearls - the site of the first airport - will take you to Grenville town and then on to the National Park Nature Centre at Grand Etang. Feel the fresh mountain breeze and enjoy a visit to the Crater Lake, before returning to your pickup point.

Length of tour: 7 hours (suitable for 'stay over' visitors)